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We are a group of people from all walks of life who follow Jesus Christ, and are located in southern New Jersey. We enjoy a strong, loving fellowship that embraces all people no matter where they come from or who they are. We share our lives in many ways by worshipping together, taking trips together, praying together, having LIFE groups in each others' homes, studying the Bible together, and serving others. We would be honored to have you visit with us!



What You Can Expect:

Our Size

On Sunday mornings, we average around 100 during in-person worship.

Our Leadership

We have a leadership structure of ministers, elders, and deacons.

What We Offer Children

We want to support families in every way we can! Children are always welcome.

We offer Bible classes for all children, beginning at six months, on Sunday mornings.

During the Sunday morning worship service, we offer child care, age appropriate Bible class, and children's worship:

  • Nursery - Attended childcare for children birth to 2 years; available from the beginning of the worship service until the worship service is dismissed.
  • Kids for Christ - For children ages 3 years - 5 years; children will be dismissed from the auditorium when the sermon begins. (Children sit will parents or caregivers for the first portion of the worship service.)
  • Junior Worship - For children in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade; children will be dismissed from the auditorium when the sermon begins. (Children sit will parents or caregivers for the first portion of the worship service.)

Please check our event calendar and the Children's Ministry page for children's events and activities throughout the year!

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What We Offer Youth

Our Pitman Road Youth group is for youth in grades 6 through 12. They participate in service projects, social events, and spiritual enrichment retreats throughout the year. Age appropriate Bible classes are offered on Sunday morning.

Please check our event calendar and the Youth Ministry page for more information and scheduled events and activities.

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Young Adults

We have events, Bible classes, and a LIFE Group specifically for young adults ages 18 through 30's. Please check out our Young Adult page for more information and events!

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Just For Women

Our Women's Ministry seeks to provide women with many opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth. We have a four branched Women's Ministry that focuses on spiritual growth, fellowship, service to one another, and outreach to the community.  There is a Bible study open to all women on Tuesday mornings, 9:45-11:30 am, September through May; childcare is available. Bible classes taught by and for women on pertinent topics are offered several times each year on Sunday mornings. Our women hold and attend fellowship activities and retreat events throughout the year. Please check our Women's Ministry page and the events calendar for more information. 

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Just For Men

The goal of our Men's Ministry is to provide men opportunities to grow spiritually as leaders at home, work, and in the congregation and community. This is accomplished through weekly prayer times, Bible classes, mentoring opportunities, fellowship, and activities. Men meet at our church building (and over Zoom) to pray at least three times each week! For more information on prayer and Bible study times, please see the Men's Ministry page and events calendar.

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Senior Citizens

Our members conduct a worship service at a senior citizens’ assisted living facility each Sunday morning.

Please check our event calendar for more events especially for our Senior Saints.

LIFE Groups

In addition to meeting on Sunday mornings, LIFE groups meet in homes on various days of the week. You can find LIFE Group meeting places on our homepage.

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