Our Shepherds


Dan and Katherine began their ministry at Pitman Road in November of 1984, after having served at the Vineland Church of Christ where they moved to minister as newly-weds. They were married in 1972, and moved to Vineland in 1973.  While in Vineland, they had four children.  Andrew now holds an MBA, CPA, and is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) managing his own financial consulting Company, Cooper Eagle. Andrew’s wife, Jennifer, is currently working as a human resource director. They have two daughters. Becky is a Registered Nurse, and her husband Matt, a PhD in Apologetics from Westminster Seminary, are ministering to a church in Maryland.  They have four children. Luke is a professor at Widner University in Philadelphia and is married to Sean.  Dan and Katherine's "baby", Rachel, works for Lockeed Martin and lives in Oregon with her husband, Ben, and their two children. Dan moved from a paid ministry position to serving the congregation as a shepherd in June, 2021.