Elders & Deacons

Our Elders

Mike and Tina Broyles

Horatio and Jackie Fenton

Brian and Cindy Holden

Garth and Diana Hutchinson

Mike and Donna Lazar

John and Brenda Peoples

Dave and Annette Perine

Dwight and Mary Lea Thompson




Our Deacons

Like our elders, our deacons meet the qualifications of leadership that are recorded in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  We also have a number of men and women who serve as ministry leaders in our various ministries.

Bud Britton - Grounds Maintenance
Derrick Busch - Counseling
Tim Davis - Teens
Tony DeStefano - Body Life & Fellowship 
Larry Kellum, Jr. - Caring & Sharing
Brian Mansdoerfer - Building Maintenance; Jr. Worship
Chuck Olley - Teens
Steve Pierre-Jacques -
Audio/Visual; Information Technology; Website
Jay Schneider - Serving Our Seniors
Carl Steiner - World Evangelism
Manny Vander Vennen - Church Directory, Kids for Christ