About Us

The Pitman Church of Christ was formed in 1959; our first meeting place was the VFW Hall in Pitman. The small congregation quickly outgrew that facililty and built a new building in what is now Washington Township. In 2003, we added a second worship service--and attendance again increased. When our facilities could no longer provide the classrooms and parking we needed, the church embarked on Seven Days of Prayer. During those seven days, we discovered the property at 500 Pitman Road. This seven and a half acres was purchased in 2006 and our members gave sacrificially over the next four years so we could build the church home that was needed.

On February 27, 2011, the first worship service in the new building was held. It was an emotional day of rejoicing and praise to our God! We are so thankful for our new church home. Since we are now in a new location, on Pitman Road, the church agreed to change our name to the Pitman Road Church of Christ.

Although we have a new location and a new name, our commitment to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus has not changed..

Spiritual growth at our church:

God desires for people to come to Pitman Road and...

Meet Jesus

We are all on a journey. We want people to have an encounter with Jesus on their life journey. An encounter with Jesus can lead to salvation, sins forgiven, new life, & a relationship with God.

Want to know about how to meet Jesus at Pitman Road? 
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Move into Family

We want people to put down roots, be watered, grow, develop relationships and feel a sense of family/community. The church family should be a safe place where individuals can grow, thrive and produce fruit.


Make a Difference

We are called to be Christ-like and this is a higher calling than living in community. As we grow in Christ-likeness, we serve others and share Jesus. A church family should be a place where individuals not only establish roots, but develop wings and fly up toward the higher calling of making a difference.